Engineering consultants for water management
Environmental engineering
Engineering, civil engineering and road construction
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ITS Ingenieurberatung GmbH
Trust requires a solid foundation.
ITS Ingenieurberatung GmbH Engineering consultants for water management, Environmental engineering, Engineering, civil engineering and road construction was established on 01.06.1995 in Lutherstadt Eisleben.

We are a young innovative team of engineers and employees disposing of long-year experience in planning and construction site management of complex projects realised in the various federal lands. Our success is reflected in the specialisation of our engineers in the various special fields they work in. By networking our office with ultra-modern communications facilities, we are able to comply with the requested specifications at short notice, focusing on all requirements as well as the client's needs. Quality management guarantees our clients compliance with the market requirements in terms of quality, adherence to schedule, cost certainty and cost efficiency. Success is our mission.

Staff force:
2 Engineers (university)

3 Engineers (university of appl. science)

1 Technical Draftsmen

Special fields: Traffic, municipal civil engineering, road and bridge construction,

Supply infrastructure, Road construction,

Special fields of sanitary environmental engineering,

SiGeKo, techn. Zeichner